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Your Attention is Power

I can scroll social media with the best of them. I am all too familiar with the rabbit hole effect- that moment of  “Just let me see this one thing” that can become a mind-numbing hour or more of your time. It’s almost like you come to afterwards, as if having been in a trance. “Scroll, scroll, scroll”… searching for…

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Habits and the Process of Becoming

I am currently reading James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, and it is SO GOOD. He says focusing on goals as motivator is counter-productive and leads to discouragement, self-blame, and giving up. He says that success-driven change based on process (habits) or identity is more effective than focusing on goals or outcome. In essence, if we want to be something, do…

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Unlearning Perfectionism

In drumming class this week, we learned a new rhythm. More complicated than the last few weeks. The teacher breaks it down and then we play. This requires both total concentration and utter relaxation. I try to get the technique of slap! and tone just right, but then I notice that takes me out of the pocket. So I keep…

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The Power of Taking Five

It’s easy to get caught up in a sense of urgency when working, meeting deadlines, or just trying to get things done. Making things just right, striving for perfection, can be all-consuming. Without even realizing it, we can become tense in our bodies as our minds strive for success or work towards completing a task. Though it might not be…

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Be Gentle With Yourself Especially When Times Are Hard

    October 2020. This is just such a time of uncertainty and overwhelm. A global pandemic. Racial injustice, hate crimes, xenophobia, horror. Climate crisis. Political Polarization. Stasis. Don’t be hard on yourself if you want to make changes in your life but feel afraid to make moves. If you are seeking safety, that is just your nervous system just…

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