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About Kim

Clinical Social Worker | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner | Internal Family Systems Level 1 Therapist

I work with women who long for emotional wellness, peace, and happiness in their lives and relationships but feel stuck due to emotional overwhelm and stress that gets in the way of how they’d like to live. Many of my clients have experienced trauma or loss, and struggle with depression and anxiety. Some clients are dealing with chronic stress patterns that are starting to show up as autoimmune issues. Other desperately want to be good parents and not repeat the intergenerational cycles of abuse that they themselves experienced as children. I help my clients to heal the past, develop positive mind-body strategies to better manage stress, and find confidence in setting healthy boundaries in their work and relationships.

Mindfulness Practice

I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation for over ten years and am a registered yoga teacher. I’ve attended residential retreats with various teachers such as Tara Brach, Thich Naht Han, Bhante Gunaratana, and Sharon Salzburg. I’ve completed a training intensive on the use of mindfulness in psychotherapy with Tara Brach (2010), and certificate programs on bringing mindfulness practices to children and vulnerable youth. However it is my own efforts at practicing mindfulness to find peace and balance in a hectic, fast-paced world that inform my use of mindfulness in therapy sessions with clients. I encourage clients to find their own balance of self-care strategies to help balance nervous system, mind, and body. Additionally, I use other practices such as yoga, breath work, meditation, metta meditation, affirmations, and visualization to calm the mind, nervous system, and body.

More About My Background

I worked for over ten years in community mental health settings with parents and young children, specializing in trauma and attachment. This experience of working with families during the most vulnerable and formative years of a child’s development deepened my understanding of how early experiences shape one’s perception of themselves, others, and their role in the world. It is my passion to support others in healing from these early experiences and relationship patterns.

Outside of being a therapist, I love to dance. I am drawn to anything involving rhythm and movement. For years I was involved in the performing arts. Most recently, I have taken up West African drumming. I love nature and hiking but am also perfectly content sitting in my folding lawn chair, checking out the neighborhood trees and birds. I am terrified of spiders but overcome my fears to catch and release them. I also cherish time with friends and family. There is nothing like good belly laughter with someone who totally gets you.