The fireworks outside, the laughter, the giddiness and excitement at a new beginning. Yes. We get a chance at clarity, at times like these. We can really look deeply into the heart of what matters most. Present moment awareness reveals all we need to know.

Amazing how the power of ritual and intention setting around the beginning of the year intention can help us harnesses the incredible force of the human spirit.

And yet, while it is a New Year on the calendar, it’s also, just another moment in time. Each moment holds the promise of a new beginning, available to us whenever we choose. Every breath is an opportunity to start again. Know that… You are always free to start again. In this very moment.

There is always a place for you at the table; you belong. No matter what time of year or day it is, or what path you have chosen or direction you have taken…peace and happiness are yours, at any given moment, for you. Because they are your birthright. Take hold of what is precious to you. In these New Year moments of clarity hold on to your insights, your hopes, and dreams- and don’t let go. Listen to your soul. Make your heart your alter. Practice daily devotion to your well-being.

Make your own peace and happiness your deepest devotion.

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