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Mindfulness Coaching

Why do we need Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for paying attention to the present moment. Application of this practice requires that one cultivate qualities such as non-judgment, curiosity, and kindness. The practice of mindfulness can focus on the breath, emotions, thoughts, or any activity that one might be doing. Mindfulness is for anybody who longs to quiet their busy mind and live their lives more fully.

Increasingly, mindfulness has been recognized by the medical and psychology fields for its effectiveness as a tool for stress-management, pain management, calming anxiety, increasing positive outlook, improving quality of relationships, and coping with the demands of a busy, fast-paced world. Numerous studies confirm the effectiveness of mindfulness, and it is widely-used within educational, therapeutic, and community settings.

How can Mindfulness Coaching help me?

My mindfulness coaching expertise comes from over ten years of personal practice in Vipassana meditation, including numerous long-term meditation retreats and personal study. My personal experience informs my effectiveness as a coach, as well as my more than ten years’ experience as a therapist. I am able to anticipate common pitfalls and challenges that may arise when establishing a mindfulness practice, and can help you navigate those waters with grace.

Mindfulness coaching is suitable for individuals seeking support in adapting mindfulness into their daily lives, or to a specific activity or project. Mindfulness coaching helps people to feel more solid in their mindfulness practice to the extent that they are able to effectively apply mindfulness to their relationships and other areas of their lives, with positive results.

Please note that mindfulness is not a substitute for therapy. If over the course of our work together it appears that therapy may be more indicated, I will discuss this with you.


  • Business owners seeking to better manage stress
  • Organizations interested in implementing a culture of mindfulness
  • Individuals who want to practice more compassion towards themselves
  • Artists attempting to quiet the Inner Critic and fulfill their artistic vision
  • Therapists working on self-care
  • Individuals and couples bringing mindfulness into their relationships
  • Parents wishing to bring mindfulness to their parenting style



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